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The World of Buddy Pegs is a series of free original children’s audio stories for families who want to share the inspiration and empowerment of bicycling with the next generation.

Each episode starts at the local bike shop Buddy Pegs which is run by two dogs who are on a mission to bring the power of the bicycle to all the animal characters who reside in the fictional town Spokesville.

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Enjoy the ride!


Good news – Schmiddy finally found his way out of the basement and the whole Buddy Pegs gang learns what that mysterious flying object really is when it leads them to Badger Cove. It turns out that a ride to Badger Cove is the perfect way to help remind all the kits, pups, and adult animals in Spokesville about the value of natural places, being outdoors, and life’s truly important moments. Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald, Jorjeana Marie (as Daisy Bell), Braden.Written for kids 7 & under but safe and fun for

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S2: EP 5| Where Is Everybody: Part 1

It’s the day after the big parade and now what? The episode starts with Schmiddy in a dream, asking his inner voice how to follow up a wonderful day with an even more wonderful day. Which keeps him bed longer than expected… and trapped in the basement of Buddy Pegs! Daisy Bell arrives to let everyone know all the other kits and pups went right back to their video games after the glorious parade. And a mysterious flying object has the whole Buddy Pegs crew scrambling to find out what’s going on! Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky Performed

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S2: EP 4 | Express Yourself: Part 2

The rain has stopped and the first Buddy Pegs Bicycle Playdate is on! Kits and pups are arriving at the bike shop with their parents and the whole town of Spokesville is coming out for the bicycle parade to follow. Everything is going even better than planned until Conrad’s “Hamwheels” contraption begins spinning out of control down Main St. There’s no time for Captain Endo and Poppawheelie to save the day so who will come to the rescue?? Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald, Jorjeana Marie (as Daisy Bell), Braden.Written for kids 7

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S2: EP 3 | Express Yourself: Part 1

In the last episode, the Buddy Pegs crew encouraged Daisy Bell and Cheetos to run the first-ever Bicycle Playdate for kits and pups at the bike shop. Well, the big day has arrived but… so has the rain! Will anyone show up for the event? Spirits are soggy at the bike shop but DB is positive that the sun will come out and the little riders will arrive on time as planned! Buster, our narrator, takes flight high above Spokesville to see if she’s right. Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald, Jorjeana Marie (as Daisy

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S2: EP 2 | What’s In A Name? Part 2

  The exciting conclusion of this two-part episode, and the start of The World of Buddy Pegs Season Two!  After Schmiddy found out Daisy Bell was helping Cheetos learn to ride, he decided to track down the two riding buddies. He needed to know if Cheetos had really turned a corner and put aside his old Bygone ways. Turns out Daisy Bell had really discovered the best in Cheetos as she helped him find balance on his bike, and balance in his life. But what about those missing valve stems and all the flat tires in Spokesville? Was this a

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S2: EP 1 | What’s In A Name? Part 1

Season Two is here! We’re back in the saddle and cranking out all-new stories from Spokesville and the Buddy Pegs bike shop. In this episode we’re introduced to a new customer at Buddy Pegs named Daisy Bell, or as she likes to call herself… DB. DB is a spunky, whip-smart calico kitten who has a precious ability to see the best in all the animals she encounters… even Cheetos, the notorious Bygone and arch-nemesis of Poppawheelie and Captain Endo! Was it Cheetos who stole all the valve stems in town? Listen and find out as Schmiddy heads off to solve

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S1: EP 14 | Buddy Pegs Podcast – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – Pt 2.

  The exciting conclusion of this 2 part episode, and the conclusion of The World of Buddy Pegs Season 1! After Watson, Wrigley, and Schmiddy disappear into the secret tunnel below Buddy Pegs, they emerge in Schmiddy’s secret workshop. Watson calls a “sticking around meeting” because he has another hair brain idea for a new gadget to be added to his bike, a Super Bike Booster (SBB).  Schmiddy gets right to work building it! The next day, the Buddy Pegs crew finds out that one of the local pups fell off her bike and rolled down a steep hillside! Time for

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S1: EP 13 | Buddy Pegs Podcast – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – Pt 1.

  What exactly does the Buddy Pegs bike shop look like anyway? Well, in Part 1 of this 2 part episode you can take a look for yourself! The Buddy pegs crew takes you on a tour of the shop complete with Schmiddy’s fantastical contraptions like the Repair Bike Check-in-omatic 4000 (RBC4K for short), and a garage door opener like you’ve never seen before. Oh, and the best part… wait until you hear about the secret entrance to the underground part of Buddy Pegs! Only Watson, Wrigley, and Schmiddy know about that… and now you too!  Slowing down to finish

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S1: EP 12 | Buddy Pegs Podcast – The Reason For Giving – Part 2

  The exciting conclusion to the first Buddy Pegs holiday episode! Spokesville’s Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire (or SHBDEE for short) is in jeopardy! All the right sided pedals of the donated bicycles have been stolen from Top Dog Elementary School. Not to worry because Poppawheelie, Captain Endo, and Master mouse Kabibble are on the case! Find out how the crew works together to recover the stolen pedals from the villainous cat Cheetos and saaaaave the day! Oh, and take your first trip to Macho Taco to find out why those Splendito Burritos are so darn good! Eclectic Tantalizing Parkour

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S1: EP 11 | Buddy Pegs Podcast- The Reason For Giving – Part 1

We build these podcast episodes for you and would love to hear your thoughts in this SHORT survey! In part one of this original children’s story, all the pedaling pooches who work at the bicycle shop Buddy Pegs are getting ready for their very first holiday bicycle giveaway called the Spokesville Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire! Or, SHBDEE for short. A mystery unfolds when the Buddy Pegs crew arrives to fix up all the bikes before the event begins. Oh no… All the right pedals, and Woodruff’s pedal wrench, have been stolen! In the blink of an eye, Watson and Wrigley

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