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Labor rate: $60/hr

Bikes Bought From Buddy Pegs

60 Day Free Tune Up:

Bring your new bike back within 60 days so we can make sure it is as good as new!

Lifetime Adjustments:

We offer lifetime safety checks on any bike sold at Buddy Pegs.

“Lifetime” carries form owner to owner – not just original owner.

We want all Buddy Pegs bikes to have life long care!

The Safety Check

$0 (yup – totally FREE)

  • Inspect brakes and make minor adjustments
  • Make sure wheels are on tight 
  • Inspect cockpit for tightness (handlebars, headset, stem)
  • Make sure seat is on tight and straight
  • Inspect cables
  • Adjust brake levers for fit and safety
  • Check cranks for tightness
  • Check and adjust tire pressure
  • Inspect and lube chain

The Nollie
(1 Gear Bike Basic Tune Up)


Perfect for single-speed kids bikes that need some love.

Everything in a Safety Check plus:

  • True wheels and adjust wheel bearings
  • Lateral true of wheels
  • Tension, clean and lube chain
  • Adjust bottom bracket (the part that makes pedals go around)
  • Adjust headset (the part that makes the bike steer safely)
  • Check all nuts and bolts for proper tightness
  • Air up tires
  • Fit bike to the rider
kids bike tune up
multi speed bike tune up

The Can-Can
(Multi-Speed Bike Basic Tune Up)


Perfect for kids bikes and adult bikes with gears that need a basic tune-up to freshen them up.

Everything in The Safety Check and The Nollie plus:

  • Basic bike wash
  • Degrease and lube gears and chain
  • Wheels trued and hubs adjusted
  • Complete brake adjustments
  • Basic cleaning of gears and derailleurs
  • Adjust front and rear shifting
  • Tube or sealant replacement
  • Set suspension for rider weight
  • Test ride bike

Parts not included

The Nac-Nac
(Almost an Overhaul)


Good for bikes that have been neglected, rode hard and put away wet. Also good for bikes that have been in storage for awhile.

Everything in The Can-Can plus:

  • Detailed bike wash
  • Cables and housing replacement
  • Shifter flush
  • Installation of new parts (tires/tubes/tubeless, saddle, pedals, grips/tape, etc.)
  • Brake pad / piston / rotor clean
Parts not included
Suspension bike tune up

The Nollie Half-Cab
(1 Gear Bike Overhaul)


The single-speed overhaul, for old and abused bikes; awesome for parents passing a bike down to their younger kids.

Everything in The Nollie plus:

• Bottom bracket overhaul
• Wheel hubs overhaul
• Headset overhaul
• Installation of new parts (brake cable/pads, tires/tubes, chain, saddle, pedals, grips/tape ect.)
• Frame and parts clean and detail
Parts not included

The 720
(The Complete Overhaul)


Good for bikes that have been neglected, rode hard and put away wet. Also good for bikes that have been in storage for awhile.

Everything in The Nollie Half-Cab plus:

  • A complete overhaul, top to bottom, all the way down to the frame and back up again.
    • Bottom bracket overhaul
    • Headset overhaul
    • Wheel hubs overhaul
    • Linkage overhaul
    • Detail wash with applied bike-protectant
    • 20% off a full or half suspension service
Parts not included
Suspension bike tune up

Add on a Pro Bike Bath (PBB) for $20!

Give your bike the full spa treatment with a complete wash and scrub.
For all the joy it brings you and your family, it deserves it!

E-Cargo Bike Maintenance & Repair

Additional fees may apply for servicing, building and repairing E-cargo bikes.  Please call us for more infomation.

Home Repair Tips

We believe it’s important to teach kids at a very young age how to take ownership and responsibility for their bikes and that starts at home.

Start simple. Teach the A-B-C Quick Check!
A: Check the AIR
B: Check the BRAKES
C: Check the CHAIN (um… once they get a chain)
Quick: Make sure the quick releases are safe and set.

Service FAQs

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
Heck yeah! Our Buddy Pegs team is equally interested in educating you and fixing your bike. Come say hi and we’ll teach you how to make the right decision. And remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask!

Buddy Pegs Pro Parent Tip:
If you want your child to enjoy riding, and ride safely, they have to have a bike that is in good working order. The true “value” of a bike is directly related to how often it is used, not how much you paid for it or could resell it for.

Bikes sold at “big-box” mega marts are built to be disposable and cheap. We strongly recommend only buying a bike sold at bike shops to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

A bike bought at a bike shop will last longer and be worth something when you are ready to sell it. In the end, you spend less overtime on a more expensive bike.

The titles of the given tunes are named after popular bike tricks! The more comprehensive the tune is, the more difficult the trick is that it’s named after.