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Our year-round youth bicycle programs and private lessons blend fun and skill development,

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2-12 Years Old

Based in Bentonville, Arkansas

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Picture your child pedaling towards self-confidence, new friendships, and a lifetime of cherished memories.

All Abilities

Air Force | MTB Kids | Pedal Champs | Learn To Pedal

Now Including Middle School Ages

Space is limited… Stoke is not

We Define S.T.O.K.E.

Stewardship | Teamwork | Ownership | Kindness | Empathy

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Buddy Pegs (2-5)

Buddy Pegs programming is for our youngest age kids at all ability levels. We offer weekly group classes where they learn FUNdamentals of safe riding, group dynamics, pathway etiquette, and basic bike safety checks. 

Additionally, Buddy Pegs kids in NWA have weekly classes available at many preschools and early childhood development centers around the region. 

And don’t forget about our private lessons for kids who do better with personalized, direct instruction from one of our amazing coaches

From never ever to shredder, our Buddy Pegs programs teach your kiddo how to begin their bicycle journey!

What to Expect

Kids 2-5 Years | All Ability Levels | Weekly Classes | Private Lessons

⇒ Balance Bike Skills

⇒ Learn to Pedal

⇒ Pre-K Bike Clubs (for pedaling kids)

⇒ Embedded Programs at Preschools

Get Ready To Start Your Ride

In the first five years, a child’s brain develops at a breathtaking pace, making early experiences profoundly impactful. Biking is more than a fun activity; it’s a critical development activity that enhances physical coordination, emotional resilience, and social skills. Engaging in cycling from ages 2-5 not only propels their little bodies into action but also nurtures their growing minds, laying down neural pathways for a lifetime of learning and emotional well-being. Let’s kickstart this thrilling journey on two wheels, where every turn is a new discovery and every ride, a leap towards a brighter, more connected future. 🚲💡✨

Pedal Champs

Pedal Champs (6-9)

Safely continuing the development of your child’s bicycle skills and love of riding, without the pressure of off-road riding.

What to Expect

Kids 6-9 Years | Greenway Focused

⇒Bike Clubs
⇒Private Lessons

Get Ready To Improve Your Ride

A dynamic kids bicycle class that offers an immersive journey through the fascinating world of cycling for kids typically aged 6-9. Whether they’re novices who just learned to pedal or seasoned riders honing their skills, our class provides a nurturing environment where every participant can thrive and grow. We believe in fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, creating a space where young cyclists of all ability levels can come together to learn, explore, and flourish. With a unique curriculum designed specifically for both beginners and intermediate riders, we offer a comprehensive range of activities and challenges tailored to each child’s unique stage of development.

Because Pedal Champs casts a wide net for age & ability level (in between not pedaling, and advanced mountain biking), our expert coaches evaluate each child’s ability level on day one, and then divide them into ability level sub-groups which is dynamic throughout the program– so they’re always riding with other kiddos of similar ability. Embark on this transformative journey, building confidence, mastering new techniques, and discovering the joy of cycling in a safe and supportive setting!

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MTB Kids (6-12)

Beginner through advanced mountain bike skills development, trail etiquette, stewardship, and team work. From beginners eager to navigate their first trails to advanced riders seeking to master technical terrain, our classes provide a supportive and engaging environment where students can push their limits and discover their full potential. 

Amidst the backdrop of nature’s playground, our mountain biking program offers an immersive experience designed to ignite passion and cultivate skill in every young rider.

What to Expect

Kids 6-12 Years | Mountain Biking Skills Development + SEL Skills

⇒Weekday Bike Clubs
⇒Weekend Trail School
⇒Private Lessons

Get Ready To Improve Your Ride

Bike Skills + Life Skills is the foundation of our educational philosophy. 

MTB Kids is where elementary and middle school riders will safely conquer diverse trail challenges and hone their mountain biking skills while also developing core social emotional skills through our Pedal Kids emphasis on confidence, teamwork, resilience, community awareness, and developing a deep appreciation for the great outdoors.

Air Force

Air Force (7-12)

Becoming a member of our Pedal Kids Air Force is the highest level of achievement within our programming. Air Force programs are uniquely crafted to safely support the development of skilled riders (age 7-12) with advanced coaching on: jumps, drops, technical trail riding.

Designed to build strong and confident riders who are empowered to safely ride according to our Air Force motto: Bring The Stoke, Know Your Limits, Make Your Own Decisions.

While one of the goals of Air Force is certainly to take skilled riders to the next level, our coaches also focus on fostering valuable leadership skills for kids who can serve as role models to other aspiring shredders. As we always say at Pedal Kids, “it’s important to Pedal Like A Champ, but Ride Like A Team.” Kids interested in Air Force need to be excited to develop their own skills while also willing to set their egos aside and help foster a healthy team environment that stokes others along their own journey. 

What to Expect

Kids 7-12 Years | Advanced Mountain Biking | Embedded in Bike Club

  • Weekday Bike Clubs
  • Camps
  • Clinics
  • Private Lessons

Get Ready To Launch Your Ride

Calling all young riders aged 7-12 with intermediate mountain bike skills, a fearless spirit, and a sense of camaraderie! Get ready to join the elite ranks of Pedal Kids 4 & 5 Paw riders as we launch your biking to thrilling new heights.

Air Force is custom built for NWA kids who want to shred the exhilarating world of jumps, drops, and technical trails in the stunning landscapes of NW Arkansas.

The Air Force mission is to safely develop your child’s skills, build confidence, and ensure safe exploration of the most challenging local biking terrain (within limits of course).

All Air Force kids will be trained to:

  1. Ignite the Stoke – Celebrate every pedal stroke and conquer new challenges with infectious enthusiasm and thriving camaraderie.
  2. Know Your Limitsfully embrace the learning process, progress at your own pace, and build up to advanced skills without skipping key milestones along the way.
  3. Make Your Own Decisions – confidently make choices that align with your abilities, comfort level, and personal values.

During the program, we will focus on honing your backyard skills, utilizing state-of-the-art Pedal Kids ramps and airbags, allowing you to master the art of defying gravity and soaring through the air. One day a week, we’ll gather to push our limits, visiting different trails that will put your newfound skills to the ultimate test.

To ensure a safe and tailored experience, all participants must be evaluated by one of our expert Coaches to ensure they possess the necessary skills required for the program. This ensures that everyone can make the most of this incredible biking adventure

Join the Pedal Kids Air Force and let your biking dreams take flight! Soar through the air, conquer challenging trails, and unlock your full potential as an intermediate rider.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity—sign up today and prepare to experience the thrill of the Pedal Kids Air Force!

Girl biking with bicycle coach

Private Lessons (All Ages)

From learning how to pedal and ride a bike to learning how to jump and ride technical trails, Pedal Kids has a program for everyone! Whether your 30, or 60, Pedal Kids is ready to teach you how to get out on the trail and begin to ride!

What to Expect

Everyone | Learn To Pedal, Greenway Riding, MTB

  • Learn to Pedal Private Lessons
  • MTB Private Lessons
  • Events
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Week 1 Begins June 3, 2024

Embark on a pedal-powered journey with our Learn to Pedal Camp! Perfect for beginners, this camp lays the foundation for a lifetime of biking adventures.

From balancing basics to the joy of those first pedal strokes, your child will gain confidence, coordination, and a love for two-wheeled freedom.

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Week 1 Begins June 3, 2024

Fuel the passion for cycling in our Pedal Like a Champ Camp! This dynamic skills camp is for kiddos that are learning to pedal through those working on advanced mountain-biking skills.

Coaches sort kids based on ability level on day 1 and kiddos can progress levels throughout the week. From Learn to Pedal through advanced riding, this camp takes skills to the next level by refining techniques, mastering bike control, and instilling the thrill of conquering more challenging terrains. Let your child ride like a true champ!

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Week 1 Begins June 10, 2024

Calling all young trailblazers! Our Mountain Bike Camp is a thrilling adventure for kids ready to hit the dirt paths. From navigating trails and mastering technical features, to upgrading their fundamental riding skills, campers will experience the pure joy of mountain biking! Get ready for an unforgettable ride through the great outdoors!

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“Incredible bike camp! My kiddo loves biking now and is so confident, going on ramps and down hills. So thankful for this great program and all the amazing coaches.”
Afryka M.

Navigating away from screens to find the ideal outdoor, year-round activities for your child can be challenging. We Understand!

Your child deserves:

Screen-free time

Exceptional year-round activities

An enriching adventure that fosters lifelong skills.

Your child deserves more than an ordinary sports program – they deserve an enriching experience, to learn something that will stay with them for life,while embracing the great outdoors.

We don’t just care about your child's bike skills. We care about their growth, confidence, and creating unforgettable experiences.

(And we have the experience to prove it.)

Why Pedal Kids?

Confidence & Independence

Our programs help children develop essential life skills, such as problem-solving and decision-making, as they navigate their way through the exciting world of cycling.

Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

With a perfect blend of physical activity and social emotional learning, our camps promote a healthy and active lifestyle that benefits your child’s overall wellbeing.

Friendship & Teamwork

Pedal Kids learn the value of collaboration and create lasting friendships with their peers, as they conquer new bike skills and engage in team-based activities.

Experienced Coaching

Our highly-trained and experienced coaches provide personalized guidance to help your child build their biking skills, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Over 10,000 kids have come through our programs since 2015.

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Be the Adventure Parent

Embrace the journey with your child and be the Adventure Parent you aspire to be – encouraging, supportive, and ready for a screen-free time, shared experiences and unforgettable memories.



“They always have something for kids to engage. My kid went for bike class and it was his first time and awesome experience. They did a free helmet and bicycle check and update you if any changes required.”


Nopur G.


“This crew is the best! They’ve helped us have size and skill appropriate bikes for kiddos for years. Also, our youngest just attended an BP adventure camp and has had an absolute blast. I wish I could give them 10 stars!”




Ready to witness the evolution of your child into a biker? After one lesson with Lori, my training wheeled kiddo eagle glided right into balanced pedaling. The staff are well trained coaches who easily communicate with children as they safely guide them through their journey to mastering the basics of bike riding.

Angela G.


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