The exciting conclusion to the first Buddy Pegs holiday episode!

Spokesville’s Holiday Bike Drive Extravaganza Extraordinaire (or SHBDEE for short) is in jeopardy! All the right sided pedals of the donated bicycles have been stolen from Top Dog Elementary School.

Not to worry because Poppawheelie, Captain Endo, and Master mouse Kabibble are on the case! Find out how the crew works together to recover the stolen pedals from the villainous cat Cheetos and saaaaave the day!

Oh, and take your first trip to Macho Taco to find out why those Splendito Burritos are so darn good!

We suggest wearing your bike helmet if you want to get into Parkour.

  • The value of 'giving' transcends beyond the holiday season.
  • You do not have to be a superhero to use your 'super smarts' to solve a problem.
  • The best way to learn to ride a bike is with no pedals of course!


In this episode, Poppawheelie uses her new call to action when it’s time to roll, “Pedal in Power Position aaaaaannnd, let’s ride!”.

Do your kids know what “power position is”? Power position is simply putting your foot on the pedal at the top of a pedal stroke before you push down and start riding. Now head out try it with your kids, maybe you’ll even hear yourself shouting out Poppawheelie’s rally cry!


Written by Scott Fitzgerald and Bob Berky

Performed by Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Berky, and Jannine Fitzgerald.

Written for kids 7 & under but safe and fun for kids of all ages.


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